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The Freshest Fish since 1975!

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Lobster Bin

Started in 1975 by John Tung, the Lobster Bin began as a fish truck outside Bonjourno's supermarket. Soon after, Lobster Bin's popularity would outgrow the truck, moving into its current location. Lobster Bin's dedication to serving its community the best seafood available has turned it into the local landmark it is today.

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John Tung is the owner of Lobster Bin. Growing up with a father as a chef, John has always been around food, especially fresh fish. Even 45 years down the line, John still goes down to market himself to pick out fish for Lobster Bin. With his knowledge and experience, John has always brought in the very best fish and seafood for his customers.


Fresh seafood is who we are. 

For decades, Lobster Bin has brought in the best seafood available, from all around the world. From bass in New England, to organic Salmon from the Faroe Islands, we have always prided ourselves on our ability to bring in the freshest, most vibrant seafood available. 

Our team of experienced fish mongers is always ready to help!

With decades of experience amongst the team, Lobster Bin has seen a lot and is always prepared to help, no matter the situation. Dinner for the night? We got you. Appetizers for the party? We have what you need. Unsure of what to cook for the night? We have plenty of recommendations and suggestions. The Lobster Bin team is always here for you!

Our Covid-19 Policy

We are going through tough times. The current pandemic has forced all of us to rethink how we do many of our everyday things. Your safety is our priority, and while we know fish really well, we've decided to leave it to the experts when it comes to COVID-19.

We, at Lobster Bin, have been following all the recommendations of the CDC regarding the virus. Our staff has been hard at work cleaning and disinfecting the store, keeping everything as pristine as can be. As well as maintaining the store clean, we are following all recommendations regarding Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), enforcing Connecticut's mask mandate, and encouraging social distancing while inside the store. We have been keeping ourselves informed, and are constantly looking for new, verified information to update our efforts. Lobster Bin thanks you for your efforts and together, we will get through these challenging times.