Prepared Foods

Lobster Bin prepares and provides a wide variety of ready-to-eat foods, from different kinds of Lobster Rolls, to our many fish salads, to much more! Lobster Bin has what you need for Tuesday night dinner, all the way to your holiday parties!

Connecticut Style: Fresh, perfectly steamed lobster tossed in warm clarified butter, on a toasted bun, for a simple, yet incredible lobster roll. 

New England Style: Just a touch of diced celery, mayo, lemon juice, and a whole lot of fresh lobster on a bed of lettuce and wonderfully toasted bun.

Lobster Rolls 

Lobster Bin prepares wonderful salads and sides to pair with your seafood, all made in house and using the freshest ingredients. 

From fish spreads, made from fresh salmon, tuna, or

halibut, to calamari in olive oil, to seasonal favorites like seafood salad, scungilli salad, and many others, we have

the fresh seafood salads you need.




Our tuna carpaccio uses fresh Ahi Tuna, seared in spices and garlic, chilled to perfect and sliced thin. Served over a bed of lettuce with rice crackers, wasabi mayo, and sweet teriyaki sauce. 

No matter the event, Lobster Bin has what you need. Wonderful cocktail platters, made to order, perfect for any event. Options include, shrimp, jumbo lump crab meat, crab claws, lobster, and much more!


Tuna Carpaccio

Clams and Cakes 

Whether it's dinner for two, or a party of twenty, our stuffed  clams are sure to be a hit! Using fresh clams shucked on site, these shells are bursting with meat and flavor!

Using jumbo lump crab, fresh vegetables, and plenty of flavor, our crab cakes are one of our best sellers! Our salmon cake is almost entirely fresh salmon, ready for your favorite salad!


Shucked to order, Lobster Bin only provides the finest and freshest shucked clams and oysters available! If it isn't the best, we wont serve it! That's our promise to our customers! We constantly have a selection of oysters available, as well as the ability to bring in many other types for special orders!

We make our clam chowder in house using fresh shucked clams, the best vegetables, and lots of time and care. We make a Manhattan clam chowder, just spicy enough to keep you warm on a chilly winter night, as well as a Rhode Island, which can easily be made into a creamy New England at home!

We also make a seasonal lobster bisque for the holidays!

Shucked Shellfish 


Set of soups from worldwide cuisines, he